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Updated: Mar 29

  • Hitting the town in need for both AF & alcohol options? (AF = Alcohol Free)

  • Check this list ahead of time for Friday Mind AF certified spots that include something for everyone, zero proof+

  • You'll notice most of our reviews are from our current home town of Detroit, however, we are adding cities from our travels and subscriber submissions.


5: AF Certified: Mindful at its finest - drink menus are just as mindful for alcohol as zero proof options

4: AF Certified: Above Average - includes a non-alcoholic list/ section with at least (2) AF brews and zero proof options

3: AF Certified Average - we acknowledge you may come here - 1-2 AF beer options, typically a Budweiser and/ or Heineken zero type option

2: Some thought - at least one semi-creative ginger beer or sparkling water in a bottle type addition

1: Zero thought on zero proof - "we've got soda/ items on the gun for you"


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Delta Sky Lounge - Experiment with Seedlip for zero proof cocktails - surprisingly refreshing and classy find that curbs that pre-flight toast to vacation.

  2. Frankfurt, Germany Airport - Pleasantly surprised with various restaurants around the airport clearly carrying Paulaner 'Alkoholfrei' beer is a nice glass with this label! Fun way to prep for the plane.

SHIPS 5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Virgin Voyages - Carries a plethora of options at all bars and restaurants on ship!

    • Heinkein 0.0 - enjoyed a bucket of cold ones in our suite

    • Noughty Sparking - smooth and dry - tastes just like its alcoholic partner!

    • Seedlip - all bars are prepared to make you memorable zero proof cocktails throughout your voyage



4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Milky Way - Vibrant coloring book style menu with Seedlip zero proof options. Also accommodating to any AF drink of your liking + AF shots.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Hawker - Plant based naturalist cuisine offering all their cocktails in a zero proof version for a reduced price.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Guinness Storehouse - The home of Guinness proudly offers their 0.0 option as well!

  2. The Virgin Mary Bar (Dublin) - A well being bar in Dublin City leading the sober social movement, named after the world's most famous alcohol free cocktail.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. PinQ London - Alcohol Free Restaurant & Members Club - can't get any more certified than this ...



5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. FOXTROT (Chicago, Dallas, D.C., Virginia) - Market and delivery service with several locations in these cities with an extensive non-alcoholic shopping menu!

  2. Kava Culture - Kava Bar (Florida: Bonita Springs, Clearwater, Estero, Key West, Fort Myers, Lake Mary, Marco Island, Naples, Port Charlotte, Tampa, and Winter Springs. Texas: North Fort Worth) encourages you to "Drink Love" with their healthy array of botanical cocktails, taps, and cans. Check out this chain of non-alc bars across Florida and in Fort Worth, Texas.

  3. Sugar Factory (across the US + Abu Dhabi & Dubai) - 25 goblet and 20 martini options available in alc. & non alc. versions! Definitely for that sweet indulgent night out or dessert at the bar post dinner.

4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. 16-Bit Bar+Arcade (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dublin, Charlotte, Nashville, Indianapolis & Easton) - 4 simple mocktail options (in addition to cocktails) & (1) Brewdog AF beer option.

  2. Eventide Oyster Co. (Portland, ME & Boston, MA) - The Portland location offers a 'no and low' cocktail section. The Boston/ Fenway Park location offers NA beer.

  3. Buffalo Wild Wings (across the US) - now carries Athletic Brewing (fave!), Heineken 0.0, Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher and IPNA.

  4. Chart House Seafood - all locations include a zero proof menu section with (4) options

  5. Hog Island Oyster Company (Humboldt, Larkspur, Marshall, Napa & Francisco) - Offering the future of menus - low & no options (0 - 3% alcohol) and additional N/A options, accompanied by cocktail, wine and beer lists. Currently (3) options of the Low & No as well as (3) N/A options.

3 - AF Certified Average

  1. Broken Shaker @ The Freeland Hotels (Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York) - (1) thoughtful 'Miss Collins' mocktail (Xicama Spicy Watermelon Soda, Citrus, Watermelon & Mint; would love to see some additional + NA beers and seltzer options.


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Burger Bar - The oldest bar in Asheville (est. 1960) is also known to have zero proof cocktails and Athletic Brewing beer options. No burgers, though (seriously)!

  2. Buxton Hall BBQ - Thoughtful rose & cardamon tonic among other mocktail options and Athletic Brewing beer.

  3. Proper - Fire dining alongside a truly seasoned zero proof cocktail menu featuring Seedlip.

  4. The Odd AVL - In addition to live music & drag shows, this neighborhood hang also posts a 'fab mocktails' sign and offers Lagunitas NA IPA.

  5. Tupelo Honey Cafe - This scratch made southern menu also offers a non-alcoholic craft specialties section.

  6. Haywood Common - Kitchen and market offering a healthy variety of NA options including: sparkling, hydration and relaxation tonics, kombucha, Athletic Brewing, as well as zero proof whiskey, gin and tequilla.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. The People's Drug - Spirit-free drinks are mixed among the People's Prescription cocktail menu. There are 2 specific Seedlip options plus an * next to any of the cocktails that are also made spirit-free. Creative and yum food to follow!

  2. Umbrella Dry Drinks - Well stocked alcohol free bottle shop with local and national brands in charming Old Town, Alexandria.


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. The Pine Bar (GA) - Extensive cocktail and wine list including (2) zero proof options. Room to grow, yet authentic options using Ritual & DHOS spirits.

ATLANTA 5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. ZILCH Zero Proof Market & Bar - This name says it all - community and connection for where ever you are on the alcohol or no alcohol spectrum!

4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Atrium (Ponce City Market) - Zero proof cocktail section featuring (3) options and spirit brands like our friends at Amethyst.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Sans Bar - Fully stocked all non-alcoholic bar on Friday evenings with various themes + traveling pop-ups around the US. Check their website for full schedule and tickets.

4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Bufalina - Super friendly staff, amazing pizza, worth the wait... They also are known for their long and extensive wine list, which also thoughtfully includes a Proxies wine alternative option in a nice wine glass + other NA options including one of my favorites, Casamara Club.

  2. Easy Tiger - 'Dry' NA Spiritless cocktail specials + Lagunitas Hop Refresher + Athletic Brewing options.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Botanical Brewing Tap Room - Better than Booze - innovative, plant infused brews that everyone can enjoy. Thirst for growth. Clean mind. Clean ingredients. Clean lifestyle. Taste in their tap room in Cape Coral or check out their online store locater.


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Frannie & the Fox @ Hotel Emeline - Amazing ambiance featuring zero proof cocktails like 'Rosemary's Bambina' - giddy feeling when hotels are so mindful for all to toast while on the road!


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Bendicion Dry Bar - Feel like going out and knowing they'll be plenty of zero proof options? Check out this dry bar whether you are sober, sober curious, training for a marathon, pregnant, just checking it out ... for an event or alcohol free toast!


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Mandrake - Gorgeous rooftop spot to hang alongside (2) tasty Seedlip zero proof options.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. 8 degrees Plato - Full wall of AF brew options, CBD drinks, sparkling hops, wine, sparkling wine (Gruvi) and spirits (Seedlip). Phenomenally impressive all around. Pop one open and enjoy alongside your tap beer drinking friends.

  2. Bar Pigalle - Several rotating Zero Proof cocktails featuring Spiritless, Lyre's, DHOS spirits. Uber friendly to the AF movement, including offering Zero Proof pairing dinners. Request when the next one is and make a reservation - your brain will thank you!

  3. Hazel's (Birmingham) - Dry cocktails available to match their cocktail list. The Hot Mockarita hit the spot for me: NA tequila, lemon, lime, pineapple and muddled jalapeños!

  4. M Cantina (Dearborn) - All the options and all the sauces! ... and tacos and more ... Best place when you feel like a margarita but not necessarily the tequila. Enjoy the ritual in a nice glass in this mindful experience. Countless fresh flavors.

  5. Metropolitan Bar & Kitchen | Variety Store (West Village) - True goldmine found! Both the restaurant and store are packed with thoughtful NA options. I also attended a NA night featuring spiritless cocktail and food pairings. Follow them on Instagram for more groundbreaking events including Dry Wednesdays and special weekend nights!

  6. sfumato - The ultimate mindful experience - the menu beautifully lists the same amount of both alcohol and alcohol free options

  7. Sugar Factory (Downtown Detroit) - 25 goblet and 20 martini options available in alc. & non alc. versions! Definitely for that sweet indulgent night out or dessert at the bar post dinner. Overlooks Campus Martius park in the heart of downtown (locations across the globe as well)!

  8. The Congregation - Cafe, cocktails (alc. & non-alc.) & community! Church turned cafe with plenty of outdoor space for those sunny days. Drinks for all. AF options include Blake's Cider 'Sorta Pop,' Lagunitas hoppy refresher, Dram CBD and more. Fun tip - their happy hour includes both alc. & non-alc/ mocktail options, cheers!

4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. 54 West Bar & Mojave Cantina - (Clawson) - Who doesn't want a margarita or paloma aside a fresh batch of chips and salsa? Now you can - alcohol free - thank you to their new menu launch in March, 2023!

  2. Basan - Okay, 'Okay Tokyo'! Wow - amazing tastes in their 'non-abv' section of their cocktail menu. Loved the Okay Tokyo to start with cantaloupe, grapefruit, five spice, and orange. So creative and well curated. (3) drinks to choose from with plans to keep mixing it up!

  3. Bobcat Bonnie's (8 locations) - Zero proof (mocktail) and beer options - well played!

  4. Bodega - (3-5) AF beer brands, CBD sparkling water, thoughtful lavender lemonade and ginger beer options. Blind Tiger spirit free cocktail bottles to enjoy at bar or buy for home mixing.

  5. Detroit Axe (Corktown & Ferndale) - (4) AF beer and hop water options.

  6. Grey Ghost - Specific non-alcoholic menu with rotating options just as thoughtful and tasty as the cocktail menu, Heineken 0.0

  7. Ima Izakaya (Corktown) - From N/A to low ABV to your typical cocktail, ima has it all! You truly can tell that their drinks are prepared equally. Loved the Accordion - guava juice, lemon and gruvi prosecco. (2) other zero proof options as well as a N/A variety of hemp tonics, lagers and beer.

  8. Iron Gate (Wyandotte) - Stand-alone non-alcoholic menu with (7) zero proof options featuring Seedlip and Lyre's brands.

  9. Jolly Pumpkin - Cheers to the midtown location for adding a new zero proof section on their menu! I was pleasantly surprised to see this addition in Nov, 2022. Thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected 'Cucumber Faux-jito.'

  10. Lost River Tiki Bar - (2) 'Spirit Free' options alongside their tiki cocktail menu + Topo Chico

  11. Mongers Provisions - Ready to drink out of the fridge - several local and other AF options and CBD varieties to match with your cheese plate or grilled cheese.

  12. Paramita Sound - Record shop + Bar + Non-Alc options! Thank you & cheers! Stop in for a local casamara club leisure soda, little saints mule or Untitled Art NA beer.

  13. Parc - From an energetic cold brew cocktail to a spicy watermelon margarita, parc Detriot now has 4 zero alc cocktails to enjoy alongside a beautiful Campus Martius view.

  14. Sylvan Table - Cozy spot to get cocktails for ALL + backyard farm to table eats. Menu is updated every 2 months and includes non alc. spirits like Seedlip and Dhos.

  15. Spkr Box - All the coffee options all morning + night with booze or without. Heineken 0.0 also available. DJ's spinning nightly.

  16. The Meeting House (Rochester) - Specific section of 5 mocktails available. Loved the rooftop ambiance while enjoying the espresso no-tini.

  17. Tiger Lily (Ferndale) - Pair your sushi with one of their 3 reasonably priced zero proof cocktails (mocktails) for $6. I stuck with the refreshing Bulma - cucumber, jalepeno, lemon & toki water.

  18. Union Assembly - If you're looking for a spot to drink and dine before a game or show in downtown Detroit, from N/A cocktails to thoughtful beers, this one has something for everyone.

  19. Urbanrest Brewing Company (2 Ferndale locations) - Both locations offer (2) kombucha on tap options + a variety of local favorite: Bea's lemonade. The downtown Ferndale location also offers regular and boozy soft serve vegan ice cream. Check the rotating food truck schedule for the Ferndale Wolcott Street location.

  20. Wright & Company - Thoughtfully curated non-alcoholic list that will change with the seasons. (3) NA cocktails + (1) NA beer and growing ... Absolutely loved the excellent quality & presentation of these (3) options fit for toasting with ALL.

3 - AF Certified Average

  1. Bakersfield - Topo Chico sparking water option plus ability to order Zero Proof margaritas

  2. Buddy's Pizza - (2) AF basic beers on menu

  3. COMO's (Ferndale) - (1) Heineken 0.0 AF beer option, ginger beer and assorted Motor City sodas, Red Bull, sparkling water

  4. Detroit Athletic Club (members & guests) - (1-2) AF basic beers & wine on menu + (1) mule mocktail and 'refreshers' added.

  5. Grand Trunk Pub - (2) Two Roots AF beer options

  6. Second Best - House made ginger beer + syrups make for a great zero proof cocktail/ mocktail. Fingers crossed they will add some of these cool combinations on the menu (wink). (1) Heineken 0.0 AF beer option is on the menu (thumbs up).

2 - Some Thought

  1. Green Dot Stables - Large cocktail list (+ very reasonable prices) with no Zero Proof/ mocktail options. They will make you a 'virgin' alternative, however this is not listed or considered on the menu. The N/A options are very typical. Apparently there is an N/A beer option however not listed on menu and was sold out. Opted for a typical ginger beer.

  2. Mezcal Mexican Bar & Kitchen (Ferndale) - (1) Topo Chico option

  3. Mootz Pizzeria & Bar - (1) Heineken 0.0 AF beer option

  4. Oak & Reel - (1) Casamara Club option - wonderful pick although only one

  5. Tigers Stadium - (1) Heineken 0.0 AF beer option

1 - Zero Thought on Zero Proof

  1. Atwater Brewing - They literally created this line which is heard by many establishments unfortunately: "we've got soda/ items on the gun for you"

  2. Detroit City Football Club - Zero non-alc. options while watching these high energized soccer games. I tried all the beer/ spirit lines only to come up with a diet faygo. On the bright side, yummy craft ice cream available (wink).

  3. Kruse & Muer Restaurants - Subscriber reported, "zero options and they laughingly said they could make a Shirley Temple." Disappointing.

  4. Mercury Bar - "Are there any alcohol free/ NA items?" "No." I did order a ginger beer in a can (high calorie option only)

  5. The Statler - Extensive wine and regular / typical cocktails only!

  6. Sumo Sushi & Seafood (Rochester) - Yum sushi/ zero options on NA beers & cocktails to elevate the experience.

FAYETTEVILLE (GA - Town at Trilith)

4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Barleygarden Kitchen & Hop City Bottle Shop - Both the restaurant and bottle shop have solid NA beer & CBD sparking options to enjoy at the bar and take home.

  2. Sensu Sushi - (6) zero proof options for toasting at the bar or table. Hibiscus High was my favorite including hibiscus tea syrup, fresh lime and sparking water.


3 - AF Certified Average

  1. Huggo's - Go for incredible views and options! Would receive a higher rating however you do have to ask for options, they are not on the menu. Many of their cocktail options can be made alcohol free.

  2. Merrimans - Would receive a higher rating however you do have to ask for options, they are not on the menu. Many of their cocktail options can be made alcohol free. Highly encourage Merrimans and others to add their options to their menu to increase awareness and sales.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Sipple - Need something for your hotel or home? Head on over to Houston's very first non-alcoholic bottle shop for a wide array of options for all.


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. The Hulman - Impressive as they have both zero proof cocktail (2 options - SpritzISH & Curious Elixirs) and spirits (4 options - Ritual, (2) Lyre's, and DHOS) sections. Hooked!


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Wildcrafters - Booze free bar with cocktails, tea and kava + a stellar live music line-up!


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Aft Cocktail Deck at the Wynn - Pick from (2) zero proof cocktails and/or (2) NA beers at this cool yacht vibe of a bar.

  2. Beauty & Essex at the Cosmopolitan - All the ambiance as well as a thorough zero proof/ 'virgin' cocktail list to take in and be the scene.


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Zim's Cafe & Thirsty Fox Bar (located in the historic Courthouse square) - offers (2) zero proof cocktails & (2) athletic brews. Loving the spicy kick and heat to their 'Spicy Nah-loma' option.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Faux Real Bottle Shop - (no web presence yet) - growing high-end zero proof/ mocktails only shop starting to feature all the ever growing market has to offer.


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. LT STEAK & SEAFOOD @ The Betsy Hotel (South Beach) - Dragonfruit Mule and Pink Sangria offerings in its own 'non alcoholic' section to toast with all during your stay.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Bryant's Cocktail Lounge - Oldest cocktail lounge in Milwaukee, this lounge prides itself on having no strict menu, carrying zero proof spirit brands like Seedlip and Kentucky 74, is open to more additions and will make any of their hundreds of specials zero proof/ non-alcoholic.

  2. Glassnote Candle Bar - Killer cocktail list (reg. or AF) to enjoy while make your own custom candles.


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Fable Lounge - Always refreshing to find a 'Zero Proof' section on a lounge menu. Fable in particular has (6) zero proof classic options "for those that love the passion of craft cocktails, but would prefer not to have their mind altered."


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Dream House Lounge - New Orleans' first sober bar wonderland has a touch of it all - AF wine, beer, zero proof botanical cocktails, oxygen bar and bottle shop. Dream House is known as a sacred space elevating black art, culture and music.

  2. The Rabbits Foot - Cafe/ bodega/ market featuring a healthy supply of zero proof offerings!

NEW YORK (Various cities)

5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Absence of Proof - check out their Instagram account for their next non-alcoholic/ zero proof pop-up bar!

  2. getaway (Brooklyn, NY) - full non-alcoholic bar and home of the Blue Light Speakcheesy

  3. Hekate Cafe & Elixir Lounge - intimate sober bar and tea shop specializing herbal elixirs; typical bar alternative!

4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Cedric's - Stop in to Cedric's for a beer - classic Al's or Athletic Brewing!

  2. Mint 518 (Glen Falls, NY) - Features an 'Elixirs/ Non-Alcoholic and Low ABV' menu with (4) NA options featuring Seedlip & Lyre's.

  3. Next Door Kitchen & Bar (Ballston Spa, NY) - (3) Zero Proof Cocktails available using mindful brands like: Ritual, Lyre's & Seedlip to create margarita, lemonade and watermelon beverages.

  4. Valerie - Specific 'Naked Valerie' section of the menu featuring Seedlip zero proof cocktails, including a yellow bell pepper infused Seedlip Garden.


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. PUBLIC eat + drink- Non-alcoholic section featuring (2) de-alcoholized wines and (2) N/A beers (Athletic Brewing) + a special lavender lemonade refreshing option.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. The BANDBOX - Orlando's first spirit-free speakeasy and tasting lounge including a variety of zero proof craft cocktails, sparkling wine and craft beers.


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Portland Hunt & Alpine Club - (6) Zero proof cocktails + (2) NA beers to choose from to toast right with your group.


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. LECHON - Choose from (5) zero proof beverages with thoughtful tastes using proof free spirits like Wilderton and Dhos on the historic Portland waterfront.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Inmoxicated - Enjoy a beverage at their 'sobar' or take one home from their retail bottle shop. Gifts also available for your mindful drinking friends!

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (+ surrounding)

5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Curiosity (Salt Lake City, UT) - SLC's first bottle shop encouraging the "same social habits, different ingredients." Gorgeous shop & bar (check out their tastings and events).

  2. WB's Bottle Shop (Ogden, UT) - Beautiful menu showing equal thought and curation between alcohol and alcohol free throughout including: AF spirits, wines, beers and champagne. Also houses a boutique dry bottle shop. Mindful at its finest. Bravo!


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Ballast Point Brewery (Little Italy) - If a sweet brewery can have a NA section, can't we all? 2 booze free cocktail options by Improv as well as fermented pineapple beverage options De la Calle. So refreshing in a couple ways!

  2. Botanica Art & Cocktail Bar (North Park) - Impressive 'Alternatives' section featuring 'potions' and 'booze free' artistic options. One of each, please!

  3. Lumi by Akura Back (Gaslamp) - Rooftop elegance including a non-alcoholic section on the menu with (3) cocktail options and (1) NA beer. Found this on an Instagram #zeroproof post featuring Michelin star chef Akura Back and zero proof cocktail pairings. Check out all their locations as they are AF friendly around the world!

3 - AF Certified Average

  1. JRDN restaurant at Tower 23 Hotel (Pacific Beach) - Highly recommended San Diego sunset beach spot with lovely sushi and ahi tuna nachos. Creative cocktails that you can adjust for an alcohol free option, however there was no mention of this on the menu. They did accommodate cheaper pricing for the AF option which was a plus. They had (1) NA beer option - Stella Artois 0.0 which was a classy pick. Room for improvement, yet some options for now!


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Ocean Beach Cafe - Cafe, non-alcoholic bar, tastings, social club connection founded after a one year alcohol break.

4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. Mission Bowling Club - (5) zero proof/ N/A options available. This was a follower submission - not yet seeing this N/A list on website but looks tasty. Also includes alcohol free spirit options.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. Kamp Social House - Boozy, Partly Boozy and Unboozy menu sections makes for a holistic equal drinking experience for all!

  2. Life on Mars - (9) N/A cocktail options thoughtfully detailed using alcohol free spirits (Lyre's, Wilderton) and bitters mixed within the cocktail menu. Several sparkling, kombucha and coffee options are also available.

4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. How to Cook a Wolf - (3) N/A options featuring Aurora Elixirs

  2. Le Coin - Hosts its own 'N/A Cocktail' menu with (5) options using Wilderton and Lyre's spirits, a variety of flavors and fun garnishes.

  3. Nook - Zero Proof 'N/A Cocktail' menu featuring Wilderton spirits with creative syrups and bitters.

Additional Seattle Follower Favorites Submitted by The NA Sommelier

Zig Zag - Iconic downtown bar respected throughout the city. They take great pride in their drinks and will handcraft an NA cocktail for you based on the flavor profile you provide.

Stampede - Located in the Ballard neighborhood, this spot gets creative with all its cocktails using ingredients like Pistachio Orgeat and clarified coconut milk . They have at least 4 rotating NA cocktails at any given time and each one is a stand out!

Mbar - Swanky rooftop bar in South Lake Union with a surprising selection of well-thought-out NA cocktails. They normally have 4 cocktails in addition to some sort of NA wine, which is a bit more rare. Right now it is the delicious Vinada sparkling Rose.

Mio Posto - In addition to amazing cuisine, Mio Posto does 2-3 quality, seasonal NA cocktails. For example, in Fall they have a pumpkin negroni!

Bakers and Bar Miriam -These two restaurants have the same owner and both offer at least 2 NA cocktails options along with low alcohol options

Mr. West - This chain is a cafe that also offers both alcohol and nonalcoholic options. In addition to several craft NA cocktails, they have some really cool caffeine-forward creations like the shakerato (basically an NA espresso martini) and a complex and refreshing cardamon rose cold brew!

Cactus Club - This chain Mexican restaurant is an unexpected candidate that really delivers on the NA adult beverage front. The Hibiscus Mango Sour and Pepino Smash are two favorites and dirt cheap for NA cocktails! A hidden gem.


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. La Nonna Ristorante - 3-4 zero proof cocktail options using DHOS & Seedlip spirits. (1) NA beer option alongside sparkling sodas and kombucha.


5 - AF Certified Mindful

  1. The New Bar - Tasting menu, bottle shop + connection through various community events. Order online from anywhere!


4 - AF Certified Above Average

  1. 1789 - (2) lovingly crafted Lyre's based zero proof cocktails to celebrate and toast with.

  2. alibi - (2) sifr/zero proof refreshing citrus options.

  3. Binge - DC's first alcohol free bar, including tapas!

  4. Busboys & Poets - 'Hold the Booze' zero proof menu section + NA beer and kombucha available.

  5. Central Michel Richard - (2) zero proof cocktails available. Examples include: Berry Mule & Basil Orgeat Lemonade.

  6. City Winery - (2) zero proof cocktails (not with juice only!) featuring Lyre's and Ritual spirits.

  7. The Hamilton - Just steps away from the White House, the Hamilton offers a 'What to drink when you're not drinking' portion of the menu featuring (3) zero proof cocktails and (2) NA beers.

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