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MY STORY: 14% vs 100%

The Friday Mind came about when I came to the realization that I was basically living for Friday’s, 14% off the week. When Friday rolled around, with it came that giddy feeling.

No other day of the week felt quite like Friday. I’ve worked hard all week, it’s time to finish the week off strong and let the party begin. 2 whole days off. Let’s do this. Get the happy hour started, grab my partner, board a plane, head out for drinks and dinner, you know the drill.

Wow that sure went fast. Too many drinks and dollars spent to even count, here we are at dreaded Monday again, hangover in tow. Simply get through Monday and Tuesday, bare minimum at times. Feel pumped on Wednesday, start repeating the high which began to creep in on Friday Junior (Thursday).

Repeat. With this behavior, came extreme highs followed by the lows. Alcohol was something that fueled both; way too much.

What if, every day felt like Friday, without the alcohol dependence? What if discipline, purpose, productivity and health were your high?

I now get that same giddy Friday feeling when establishments provide a thoughtful alternative. Giddy with full mental clarity and health!

  • The Where to Hang Blog promotes establishments that provide alcohol free cocktails in addition to the typical alcoholic drinks always provided. We all deserve to participate in the ritual together, alcohol or not.

  • I recently turned this passion into Holistic Wellness Coaching. I am a Certified Holistic & SHE RECOVERS® Coach taking clients online here as well as in the Reframe app.

  • I’ll still be doing some alcohol free (AF) reviews while I’m out and about, however the majority of this passion is now going into coaching and serving others. 

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